The Crab and Winkle Way to Whitstable

Hello again! The winter is nearly end, and I am very looking forward to the warm spring! Even though it has been freezing cold for a while, I like walking. Whenever I have free time (and energy!), I try to go for a walk.

On Valentine’s Day, I finally managed to walk to Whitstable via the Crab and Winkle Way. This 8-mile way connects Canterbury and Whitstable, and most of the way is the old railway, according the websites.

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The way in the countryside was full of the nature, and a lot of people enjoyed walking or cycling. It was very quiet and refreshing.

When arriving at Whitstable after three-hour walking, I found this stream….. and finally reached the harbour. Unfortunately, I could not eat any seafood this time, but I will go there again to eat oysters!

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