Watling Ubuntu

Our Mission

Contacts we make early in life – at college, university, during an exchange programme, at work through any other shared experience – can lead to lifelong relationships that are built on shared beliefs, mutual understanding, long term cooperation and friendship.

Watling Ubuntu aims to bring together decent people from all backgrounds – nationally and internationally – to create sound, intellectual contacts in a practical and constructive way.

With three universities, the city of Canterbury is ideally placed to be at the forefront of this ambition.

At present students tend to mix with people from their own countries or with similar backgrounds. We will encourage cross-cultural experiences via a shared intercultural space, and a programme of cultural activities and other events to which local communities will also be invited in order to promote greater international understanding.

Watling Ubuntu intends to create an active and stimulating community instead, one that will offer a unique experience through intellectual debate, fostering cross-cultural activities and providing an exceptional social environment. In addition, in developing a neutral, non-faith, non-political environment, no-one needs to feel intimidated or excluded.

Our Objectives

Creating a community

Through a social network forum, Watling Ubuntu seeks to create a community of local people – from all over the world – who are interested in community development, cultural awareness and the promotion of mutual understanding and education. These objectives will help develop long term goodwill as well as worthwhile, lasting contacts for all.

Empowering those within the community to share their heritage and culture

Watling Ubuntu aims to encourage understanding and address many issues, including the following three questions that are at the very core of one’s own cultural identity:

  1. What part of your culture would you like the world to know about (or what makes you most proud of your country or heritage)?
  2. What would you most like to change about your country or heritage?
  3. What aspects of your country or culture do you believe are most misunderstood by the rest of the world?

Making a positive contribution

We also feel that the creation of Watling Ubuntu should make a positive contribution to the East Kent region, commercially, socially and culturally.

Watling Ubuntu intends to achieve the cultural objectives above in a non-political and non-partisan way.

Make New Friends

One of our aims is to help international students to feel welcome through encouraging friendships with the student and resident community.

Celebrate Cultures

Students come to the UK from all over the world to study, students from a diverse range of cultures each with their own traditions and perspectives. We can learn from each other!

Make Your Mark

Engage with anyone in the world on our forum to discuss not only the issues that affect you daily, but some wider questions too.

What does

Ubuntu mean?

There are several variations in the meaning of this Zulu word. Among them are “humanity to others,” “one-anotherness”, and “you are assured hospitality and a welcome when you visit our home.” These beliefs are at the very core of Watling Ubuntu.

So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.
– Baha’U’Llah