Hello! I would like to talk about the international people I have met in Canterbury over the last months.

I had a very good experience with meeting new people because all of them have been very kind to me. I have met Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Slovak people, and so on. This helped me learn other ways to express oneself and new ways to show respect in other cultures that I haven’t known before. I learnt songs, dances and cultural references which made me become more interested in learning new languages. It’s amazing to see how people communicate with each other in so many different ways. Also, I find really exciting to tell the differences and similarities a language has with regard to my native tongue. Actually, every time I pronounce something in another language, it makes me want to learn more and more! One of my dreams is to learn all these languages that surround me every day because all of them are important. This leads us onto the subject of judgment. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because we don’t know people until we really meet them. I would like to share a video I found particularly interesting to watch.

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