My Homestay

Hello again! Finally, the winter has come! I was very surprised to see snow in November, but my host family also was surprised because it was unusual to have snow in November.

Yes, I am doing a homestay, living with a British family, and I would like to talk about my homestay experience.

I had some options for the accommodation: the university accommodation, homestay and sharing house. I chose homestay because I thought it was good opportunities to learn the different culture and use English all the time, and I believe that my choice was right. I chose ‘Bed and Breakfast with the use of the kitchen’ type, because I wanted to cook Japanese food. As for the breakfast, they always prepare yoghurt, orange juice, some fruits, and tea, and also I choose bread, pancakes or cereals. On the day when I took this picture, they gave me a pack of my favourite snack as well. We talk about various things in the UK every morning during breakfast. In addition, my host mother makes me a sandwich for lunch every day, and she loves baking so she often gives me a piece of cake as well. Lucky me!

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I started to gain weight!!, so I go walking a couple of times a week. These are the pictures from my morning walk.

Of course, living with a family from the different nationality is not easy, but I always feel strong because I know they are willing to help me when something happens.

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