Hi! This time I would like to talk about the splendid trip I had… I visited Brighton a couple of months ago and I honestly need to say it was absolutely fantastic. I went there by coach. I was really excited because it was the first big city I ever visited in the UK, except for London. What makes it so vibrant is the amazing architecture and the buildings all around the city. It is very colourful and there are some small shops and stalls with local products.  


Brighton is a city by the sea. It has a fantastic pier which is one of the main attractions of the city. And guess what? It is one of the finest piers ever built!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t swim because the water temperature was too cold… 


There were also secondhand and antiquarian bookshops. I felt like if I was in a movie because there were lots of movie and books references on the streets, visual arts, graffiti and art exhibitions.  



Travelling is fantastic especially because you get to know new cultures and amazing places!   

I highly recommend you to visit it, it is worth doing!  

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