Studying in the UK and Exploring Canterbury

Hi everyone, I am Marta. I am an international TESOL student in CCCU. My dream has come true: I am both living and studying in the UK. This is the first time I have traveled on my own and my first experience studying abroad. I was eager to visit the UK, its people and culture, so there was only one way: living it from within. Coming to the UK was a challenge, too. The first days I was afraid and sometimes even anxious because everything was new. However, I still felt thrilled to be in a new country and have the opportunity to meet new people in a total different environment. I met extraordinary people in here willing to helping me. I found out it gave me self-reliance and I got to know myself better, too.

I wanted to go to Canterbury because of its university, surroundings and medieval tradition. I discovered some interesting places such as Dane John Gardens. On Saturday, there was a food and drink festival. They played live music and there were a lot of people. It’s a good place to meet your friends and to have a walk. It’s definitely worth visiting it!

I also visited the Westgate Parks. It’s a fantastic place to gather together and play some music, go jogging, etc. You can also go on your own and enjoy the landscape. When I was there, I took lots of pictures because the surroundings amazed me. For example, there were some beautiful writings on the wall imitating medieval style.


Canterbury has something special. You’ll find something interesting wherever you go: historical heritage, wildlife, bookshops, museums, and a large etcetera of exciting places. I am looking forward to learning more and more!

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