A Word From Our Founder

Let’s explore what would happen if the populous chose to divert significant strategic expenditure to establishing what binds people together, particularly at the grassroots level around the world. Currently, many of the world’s government decisions do not represent what the vast majority of citizens of the world want out of life. Let’s find a non-violent constructive way of dealing with these frustrations that would enable people to live in satisfying ways. Without them having to let go of their faiths, traditions and established ways of life often built over centuries and which have by and large stood the test of time in a positive way. Malign and cynical thoughts to the contrary are the norms which small-minded insecure and sometimes narcissistic people set out to get their way in the world. Let’s help to find a way to utilise social media to answer and develop our three basic questions. Part of this could be a directory of existing and planned organisations globally and nationally with similar ideals.

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