2024 Update

The foundation achieved full charitable status in September 2013 as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The initiative behind the concept was based on three fundamental questions:

  1. What part of your culture would you like the world to know about – what makes you proud of your heritage?
  2. What would you most like to change about your country or heritage?
  3. What part of your culture or country do you believe is most misunderstood by the rest of the world?

Our original goal was to create an International Centre/ meeting place, firstly in Canterbury but transferable to other cities and countries, offering diverse facilities and full independence from other organisations.

The Covid pandemic has put this part of our ambition on hold, but remains a long-term hope. The terrible conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza have unfortunately highlighted the need to encourage a greater understanding as set out in the three questions quoted above. This applies most urgently among young people of school and further education level who must be appalled at the global situation. The more they converse with international people of their generation, the better in the long term.

To move forward as meaningfully and as expeditiously as possible we are looking for partnerships or support from organisations, businesses and individuals to pursue the following goals outlined below.

  1. Permanent building and short-term office base
  2. Advice on social media and relevant technology to set the enterprise up at the highest and most effective level; Ideally to turn social media into something constructive and positive for the project.
  3. Pursue membership schemes and refine U.S.P – what do we want to be known for?
  4. Links to other relevant organisations – perhaps to create a directory/reference point? There will be links to businesses and organisations who could benefit from partnership with the foundation.
  5. Appropriate funding and support in kind from organisations and individuals.
  6. Pursue the creation of events local and national, ultimately international, which may help to further the aims and bring people together.
  7. Approach local businesses and institutions, firstly in the Canterbury area, who would work with us and set up the organisation to the highest level of competence and reliability, hopefully to mutual benefit.

Potential contacts for all the above endeavours have been identified and now need to be put together to form a database to enable contacts to be made as professionally and competently as possible. The research and relevant activity would take 6-9 months, partly with a view to pursue funding and self-supporting financial activities to enable us to employ and garner support at the highest levels.

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