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Global happenings in the last two years have awakened people around the world to the advantages of comparing cultures and sharing experiences. Our mission is to improve international understanding, respect and friendship leading to cultural harmony within the local community so that British and international students can interact, irrespective of background, in an atmosphere that promotes the development of global citizenship and social responsibility.


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[paragraph extra=””]Our main objective is to build an International Centre in Canterbury in order to positively promote interculturalism. We aim to give people the opportunity to broaden horizons through the development of friendships with people of different cultural backgrounds, and to support and educate overseas students by enhancing their understanding and experience of British society.

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[paragraph extra=””]We aim to foster and grow our online community, through which our members can discuss a wide range of topics and influence the shape of the Foundation, the Centre, and its facilities. Our blog is a place for our members to share aspects of their culture with others and reflect on the issues that matter most to them.

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[paragraph extra=””]At present students tend to mix with people from their own countries or with similar backgrounds. We will encourage cross-cultural experiences via a shared intercultural space, and a programme of cultural activities and other events to which local communities will also be invited in order to promote greater international understanding.


[paragraph extra=”lead”]The Watling Ubuntu Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), established in 2013.[/paragraph]
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“Charitable incorporated organisations are like companies in that they have the same legal status as a person. This means they can enter into contracts in their own name and their trustees normally have limited or no liability for the charity’s debts. However, they are not companies and do not have to register with Companies House.”

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The charitable objectives of the Watling Ubuntu Foundation are:

  • To bring people together by developing cross-cultural communication to promote greater understanding of different cultures and ways of life so that people can learn from each other and from the experience of interacting.
  • To foster understanding and lifelong connections and help to develop networks between people of different nationalities who come to the Canterbury area to study and live, and between this group and the wider local community.
  • Through web-based communication, and social media tools, to generate an international following, which will actively promote the Canterbury district as a centre of culture, knowledge and cross-cultural understanding.
  • To build an “international centre” in Canterbury which has the following objects:
    • To create a culturally diverse and thriving environment which inspires international understanding and fosters multi-national cohesion, a neutral space outside of any one religious or political affiliation. A place where people of diverse backgrounds can be acknowledged, explored and accepted.
    • To provide a high quality “club” or “common room” facility for overseas students studying in any of the language schools, colleges and universities in the city, where they can meet each other, and with members of the local community in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.
    • To provide an alternative source of safe, friendly and affordable accommodation for students — especially for those staying longer than a few weeks, including a restaurant/cafe;
    • To provide an additional base of help and support in terms of internet access, advice, and information, working in consultation and partnership with the numerous universities and colleges in the city and wider area.
    • To run cultural events to celebrate the diversity of nationalities living, albeit temporarily, in the city, both for the students themselves and for local residents, creating positive links with suitable projects overseas and with the local community, particularly with the residents of the area who welcome students into their homes every year for “homestays”.
    • To encourage overseas alumni of all the institutions in Canterbury to return to the city and to actively promote the Canterbury district as a centre of culture, knowledge and cross-cultural understanding. To retain a life-long positive connection with the UK.

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