International Centre

The Watling Ubuntu Centre is a planned centre for International Students in and around Canterbury. It will provide an alternative source of safe, friendly and affordable living space in addition to meeting rooms, restaurants and common rooms.

We are currently in the fundraising stage of this project.

If you would like to be involved with us on this project, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Project Aims

Welcome to Everyone

To be a place of welcome for all students from overseas, whatever their background, age or nationality.

Provide Facilities

To assist students on a practical level - food and accommodation will be available at very reasonable rates, and other facilities such as internet access and advice will be on hand.

Broaden Horizons

To give everyone who comes into contact with the centre, the opportunity to broaden their horizons through developing friendships with people from different cultures.

Cultural Events

To be a centre of learning, culture and cultural exchange where events will bring people together.

International Community

To be a place where the UK students, the local community (including host families) and businesses can interact with the overseas student body to learn and exchange ideas.

Alumni Network

To be a place where alumni of the city's universities can return and to actively promote the Canterbury district as a centre of culture, knowledge and cross-cultural understanding.